Vital Force Counselling

Thriving - Not Just Surviving

“A unique, powerful, empowering and life changing approach to Counselling/Coaching/Mentoring”

*Learn to Settle your spirit down, becoming more conscious of your own life force
*Allow yourself to loose the illusion and confusion of what the world and all its distracting noise is doing to you.
*Learn to Connect align and transform yourself from a state of distress into a place of calm and stillness.

The focus is to help you find that inner peace and calmness so that you can connect to your vital force, to live consciously and purposefully so that you can reach your full potential.

 Dr Ash has combined his vast knowledge of health and wellness as a healthcare professional with his years of study and practice of the traditional martial arts and eastern philosophy in order to give you the ability to become the master of your life.  


Dr Ash Connell is a second-generation Chiropractor with over 25 clinical experience dealing with patient’s health and wellbeing. Having completed post-graduate studies in Anxiety Education from The University of Sydney, Discipline of Psychiatry, has further fuelled Dr Ash’s fire to help empower people to improve the quality of their lives. Dr Ash is the founder and Head Sensei (Teacher) of Vital Force Aikido, he has been involved in martial arts for over 45 years with a real passion for Aikido (The way of peace and harmony). Combining his years of clinical experience with his martial arts and eastern philosophy Dr Ash has developed a unique, powerful, empowering and life changing approach to Counselling/Coaching/Mentoring. Dr Ash is also the founder and creator of “Vital Force Network” which incorporates education on mind, body and spirit. 

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