Become a Vital Force Practitioner

Clarity, Certainty and PASSION in Practice

Vital force practitioner training is available for health professionals including Massage Therapists, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists etc.

Training offers the mastery and utilisation an effective low force approach to practice using minimal force to affect the self-healing mechanisms of the body. The actual techniques are an accumulation of 25 years of practice incorporating many Tonus based techniques from the Chiropractic procession   such as Network Spinal Analysis, Sacro Occipital Techniques, from the  Osteopathic Profession including Craniosacral and Zero Balance, and an array of techniques from the Massage profession including Lomi Lomi  and personal interpretation of Mr. Tom Bowen’s Work  with adaption of  Ross Emmett’s Technique as well as techniques developed of the years incorporating mesentery and vibrational work.

The training incorporates the Vital Force philosophy, with a focus on neurology, tone  and the Vital Force phasing system which gives amazing insight to the why, what, how and when,  which we all search for in practice.

Training further offers an in-depth understanding of the phasing system of the body combining the skills effective techniques to achieve optimum tone of the body whist addressing the presenting symptoms.

Vital Force Practitioner training is done over 3 levels, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. With all aspects of this program emphasis is placed upon the tenant CONNECT, ALIGN and TRANSFORM

Philosophy: KNOW the WHY you’re in practice

Assessment Skills: KNOW WHAT you’re treating

Transforming Techniques: KNOW HOW and WHEN to apply transformative techniques

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