E is for Exercise 

ITS TRUE People who get themselves into sport or any kind of exercise routine from an early age can feel really out of sorts if they happen to miss a day or so of their regular exercise routine, but doesn’t mean that WE who sadly often hear ourselves saying “I’ll definitely start that tomorrow” have to miss out! We just need to find that one thing that we can grab hold of to get us moving in the right direction.

The thought of exercise is a funny thing it can feel like a chore until you’re actually doing it and then somewhere in the middle of your workout you suddenly find your self wanting to do more as those magic endorphins kick in.

The big bonus is what happens to you when stick at it, physically your body starts to change,  you suddenly look stronger,  your energy levels and your self esteem start improving in a relatively short time. In my search for motivation as a 50 plus woman I discovered that I mostly like to go solo when it comes to my resistance training and cardio. YouTube is an amazing resource for visual instruction but many people prefer to run with a friend, use a personal trainer or head to the the gym to feel the vibe of everyone on a similar mission. What ever it takes we’ve just got to keep hopping back on that bike whenever we feel that “can’t be bothered” attitude sneaking in.

Feeling good about ourselves is something we just “HAVE” to do and as we get older, we honestly have no choice! Its not give up time, its time to thrive!
So when you wake up tomorrow don’t think about it too much just get moving seriously just go, you’ll love yourself for it.


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